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What is the Bible all about?

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"All The Bible Is Based On Just Three Verses"

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"All The Bible Is Based On Just Three Verses" (116 pages), author J.L. Hendricks, Xulon Press Publishers ( October 31, 2008).

The three verses the Bible is based on are Genesis 12:1-3. The preceding eleven chapters of Genesis are written primarily just to introduce these three verses. In the first two chapters, Moses states four ways creation is made ideally. Then in chapters three through eleven, he proceeds to give four accounts graphically demonstrating how God's ideal creation goes tragically wrong.The stage is set for the call of Abraham and the announcement that God has a plan to redeem a world gone wrong. 

God promises to grow Abraham's descendants into a nation, give them the Land of Canaan, and from the land and nation bring to the world the coming blessing which is Jesus the Messiah. 

In his epistles, the Apostle Paul makes much use of the call of Abraham to argue that righteousness is obtained through faith. He quotes Genesis 12:3 and declares that in this verse, God Himself preached the gospel to Abraham (cp. Galatians 3:8). Also, in his epistle to the Galatians (3:6), as he does in Romans 4:3, Paul quotes Genesis 15:6 to affirm that Abraham was saved by believing. 

"All The Bible Is Based On Just Three Verses" is a book that will unlock the complexity of the Bible with surprising simplicity. 

It is ideal for both personal and group study. 

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