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"The Chronicles of Messianic and Christian"

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"The Chronicles of Messianic and Christian" (About 90 pages), author J.L. Hendricks.

The Chronicles of Messianic and Christian are allegorical stories of two characters named Messianic and Christian that highlights the challenges and theology of the modern Messianic movement as it engages the traditional Jewish and Christian communities.  The stores are set in and around the Holy City of Jerusalem.  The stories are delightful, enlightening, and thought provoking.  The genre follows somewhat that of Pilgrims Progress.

Also, these allegorical stories may have the tendency to be offensive.  The reader needs to keep in mind that the stories are allegorical.

One Messianic minister responded with, "Wow! A great way to communicate biblical teaching"

The book is spiral bound, with about 90 pages. 

Cost: $7.00, plus $3.00 shipping and handling. 

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